Hanco Actuators - Simple and Ingenious!

The Hanco - principle is as simple as it is ingenious. It incorporates three drive rolls (with special ball bearings) that are engaged at the same time. The rolls drive the internally threaded cylindrical tube, which moves the tube backwards or forwards, depending on the rotation of the bearing shaft.

Low friction permits high efficiency.
As a result of three being virtually no friction, the efficiency is high. The drive rolls that transmit the movement are also sealed, which ensures the long service life of HANCO actuators.

Wide selection of motors and speeds.
HANCO actuators are available with various motor options (see Technical Data) which, in combination with different gear-belt ratios, permit actuating speeds from about 10 to 90 mm/s and actuating forces up to 4000N

End stops prevent jamming.
Jamming in the end position is prevented by mechanical end-stops, which are fitted as standard. HANCO actuators are self-locking under loads up to 500N. Loads over 500N require a brake.

Simple to fit for different conditions and requirements.
HANCO actuators are made of corrosion-resistant materials to a functional configuration. The compact design, with a side-mounted motor, requires very little of space for installation - so that it is easily adapted to different applications. Attachment devices conform to International standards.

Adjustable limit-position switches of great accuracy
HANCO actuators may be fitted with adjustable limit positions switches.

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