Technical data 230V 1-Phase actuator

Other data
Power 90 W Weight 4+0,4Kg/100mm
Rotation speed 1360 rpm Max work load 4000 N
Nr. of poles 4 Max static load 5000 N
Rated current 1,1 A Stroke lenghts 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 och 500 mm
Capacitor 5 µF Safety norm IP 55
    Ambient temperature -20 till +60 grader C

End stops
The actuator is equipped with end stops that shall prevent jamming, for example if the limit switch would be passed or at the adjustment of these.

The transmission of power between motor and screw is performed with a synchronous transmission belt. The velocity can be varied with three different ratios; 1:1, 1.8:1, 3.5:1 .

Performance and material
Performance and material The outer tube and gear box is manufactured in anodized aluminum and the nut tube in chromium-plated steel.

Loads exceeding 500N requires a brake. The brake is a electromagnetic spring pressure brake.

 Limit switches
The limit switch is a reed contact type. These are assembled on the actuators outer tube and shall not be used for direct switching of or closing of motor counter flow. For this, use middle circuit breakers.

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