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Hanco Actuators – Simple and Ingenious!


Hanco actuators have been around since the 1980s and have been proven to work in a variety of applications. The linear movement takes place with the help of special ball bearings, three drive rollers which are all in contemporary engagement. This, together with sealing functions, provides low friction and a long service life.

Fasteners and design

A number of different end designs are available to choose from, if you have your own solution for this, the actuator can be delivered with an M12 bolt at the end that you can apply your solution to. The actuators are manufactured in durable materials to withstand many different environments. If you have any special requirements or questions about this, contact us for discussion. The compact solution with the motor placed above the outer tube provides a minimal installation dimension. It is thus easy to adapt to different applications.

Manufacturing and service

AR Mekanik manufactures all the important parts of the actuator themselves and takes care of all assembly.
It provides fast service, both in terms of deliveries and service.

Drive options

  • 230V 1-fas
  • 400V 3-fas
  • The ratio gives between 13-90mm/s
  • Maximum 4kN setting force

Generally, there are two motor options to choose from, 230V 1-phase and 400V 3-phase.
In combination with different ratios, setting speeds between 13 and 90mm/s can be achieved with setting forces of up to 4kN. Do you wish to equip the actuators with e.g. explosion-proof motors contact us.

End stops and Limit positions

To avoid problems with wedging in the end positions, mechanical end stops are available as standard. Up to 500N, the actuators are self-locking, for larger loads a brake is required. If more precise control of the position is required, adjustable limit positions are available as accessories.